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Big oil caught paying for climate science that agrees with them!

The actual newsweek headling was referenced by Marginalrevolution as " Soros puts up $50 million to change economics."

Newsweek calls it "Converting the Preachers".
Try rephrasing that as:

"Cheney puts up $50 million to change climate science." describing an attempt to create a new think tank funded by the oil industry to generate new "science". That should get a similar effect on the opposite political persuasion, except of course that, and the headline of this article, isn't actually happening.

My headline is a little misleading, because it's meant to make a point.

For Soros this is just part of purchasing influence to promote his political policies and power. He's does that a lot, in ways too numerous to enumerate here. He's upset that somehow large swaths of economists have managed to stay out of the Cathedral and have not yet turned 91% Democrat. Why, it seems that economists are closer to only 50% Democrats and most of those still prefer market solutions to government solutions!

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